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How to install presets

How to install presets (on desktop)


On the edit panel on the right click Presets (at the bottom) > click three dots > Import Presets > select zip archive with presets and here you have them.

Note: this will automatically add presets to your Lightroom mobile version.

Lightroom Classic

Click on Develop in the Module Picker > click plus icon on the Presets panel on the left > select Import Presets > select zip archive.

How to install (on mobile phone)

1. First you need to install Photoshop Lightroom app (if you don't have one)

2. Download presets for mobile in zip file to your phone, unpack it and export to Lightroom


Download zip file > open it > go to directory > select all > tap Share > select Lightroom

opening client icloud zip


You need RAR app: Link →
Download zip file > open it in RAR > select directory > tap Send > select Lightroom

andr using rar

3. Create presets in Lightroom and have fun with them!

After importing files to Lightroom you’ll see:

lr after import

To create presets tap on any .dng > tap three dots > select Create Preset > enter preset name > tap Check on the top right


creating preset


andr crt prst

How to use

Open in Lightroom the photo you want to edit > tap Presets > select a preset > tap check > then optionally you can apply auto settings > save the result.


applying preset


andr appl prst

Have a nice experience!

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