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How to take pictures to send to your boyfriend

When you're texting with your boyfriend, you should remember that humans are visual creatures. It's a good idea to send him your photos from time to time — so he won't forget how you look. Probably he has already seen your Instagram, so better snap a photo “just for him”. It is a lot like taking a good photo in general, but with a few twists.

Here are some useful tips.

Don't forget basic posing rules

Turn shoulders away from the camera. Don't press your forearms against the body. Leave space by the waist. Don't let your hair sit on your shoulders. Stretch your neck and slightly lower the chin.

Try the classic sexy pose — hand on one hip while turning your body and looking over your shoulder straight into the camera.

Keep it simple and ease up

Girls tend to take complicated poses or facial expressions, but end up looking dull. He will feel all that unnaturalness, and you will look silly rather than sexy. So relax, girl.

A good idea is to think about him while taking a photo. It will add some special shine to your eyes or a flirty smile.

Set the mood with lighting

Yellow light and the dark background will make you look dreamy. For a fresh and delicate look take a picture in the natural morning light.


Here also works the “keep it simple” rule. He will definitely not notice, how evenly you put your eyeliner. Men always repeat they like girls without make-up. Seemingly without make- up. This means you'll need a BB cream, mascara, and lipstick.

Also guys in general like slightly tanned skin. So if you're not planning a vacation any time soon, use bronzer or try suntan presets →.


Whatever you wear you have to feel comfortable in it.

Take a “going to the gym” photo. Show him that you keep yourself in a good shape — and yoga pants will demonstrate exactly how good is your “shape”.

Also, there is one old trick — take a photo wearing his shirt. For some reason, guys keep going crazy about it.


Take a pic of what you are doing right now and send him with a message like “thinking of you” or “wish you were here”. Also, it is a good idea to take a photo of something he bought you (except if it was a pizza). Or just try “looking lonely through the window” look. But not overuse it. He will be happy to get such photos once every week or two (more often - if you are far away and won't see each other soon). But the endless flood of them is annoying and looks obsessive.

Funny face

If you feel that you have a comic vibe, make a funny face. Simply stick your tongue out. But not too much — that's for your boyfriend, not for your therapist. Just be careful. There is a thin line between looking funny and ridiculous.

Going flirty and sexy

Practically all the photos for boyfriend are flirty. Put your favorite lipstick, bite your lip — and here you go. Undo your hair (if you have what to undo), unbutton clothes, show more cleavage — do whatever you feel comfortable. Make sure that nobody is forcing you to anything and never feel guilty for not sending the nudes.

Anyway, it is way sexier to show less than more.

Run out of posing ideas? Google it

If you're unsure what to do, ask the internet. You can make an inspiration board on Pinterest or look for ideas on Instagram.

On the other hand, you don't need to look for something unique and “never been done before”. Good old classics (like red lipstick and gaze over the shoulder) will work just fine. Because in a way it is never done before — between you and him.

If I had to choose the most important advice, it would be:

“Relax and keep it simple”.

Everything must come naturally. Do whatever you feel fitting and have fun — after all, that's what are boyfriends for ;)

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